Laundry Duct Cleaning And Disinfection

Spinco is one of the leading cleaning companies in Dubai that offers excellent services of laundry duct cleaning and Disinfection in Dubai.

At Spinco Cleaning, we clean the entire duct work, where physically possible, including the vertical sections. We clean vertical ducts using various techniques; one of them is a rotating brush and high-pressure air stream nozzle. If practicable and safe, the ducts may be contact-cleaned manually by a technician physically going inside the duct work. This is only possible if the duct support brackets and hangers have been verified and considered strong enough to take the additional weight.

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Here we have mentioned below why we are best for laundry duct cleaning services in Dubai.

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Benefits Of Laundry Duct Cleaning And Disinfection

Every commercial laundry, hotels or otherwise, has a duct or series of ducts that remove the hot, moisture-laden air from dryers and exhaust it outdoors on the roof or via an outside wall. This hot air is loaded with lint particles that, over time, deposit inside the duct. Typical Duct Cleaning is needed to clear the accumulation. Laundry Duct Cleaning is commonly done every three to six months but may be required as often as monthly. Here are some benefits of cleaning laundry duct and Disinfection:

  • Keep allergens at bay
  • Eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Save energy

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Why Laundry Duct Cleaning And Disinfection Is Important?

Laundry duct cleaning is essential because when it is ignored, the lint buildup – which can ultimately occupy 50-75% of the duct – can generate many issues. Lint may be dispersed into the HVAC systems, thereby being inhaled by the building residents without their knowledge. If this happens, there will be a lot of harmful consequences for the establishment.

To perhaps illustrate the seriousness of this issue better, we will enumerate the many manifestations that your laundry duct system is reaching a critical point. The typical symptoms that a laundry exhaust needs cleaning include:

  • Clothes take too much time to dry.
  • Extra lint buildup in the ducts, causing a fire risk.
  • Dryer units instinctively turn off because the heat is not exhausting.
  • Fire dampers in the ducts may malfunction.
  • Higher engagements of lint in the indoor air.

So if you are looking for the best laundry duct cleaning services in Dubai, then contact spinco cleaning; we are a leading laundry cleaning company that offers professional duct cleaning services in Dubai.

We have a certified team of laundry duct cleaners who specialize in assessing, and removing lint from the extraction system, leaving you with a clean duct and a service report describing the project. This will include before, during and after cleaning photos. We at spinco cleanings also offer additional cleaning services, which include AC duct cleaning services and kitchen duct cleaning services. We assure of giving high-quality services at affordable rates.

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