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Spinco Cleaning is one of the leading cleaning companies offering grease trap cleaning services in Dubai and across the UAE. Our cleaning services are systematic, discreet, and environmentally friendly. When you require the best cleaning services in Dubai, UAE, then our qualified staff will arrive at your site—working to make the earth a better place.

As you know, regular cleaning is compulsory to Municipality instructions. A tidy grease trap and drainage system is a crucial condition for an odorless backyard of a food processing unit. Spinco cleaning is an approved company with grease trap Dubai cleaning as its primary activity since its inception. Let us offer you an intended maintenance schedule per the municipality standard.

At Spinco Cleaning, we not only offer you grease trap cleaning but also grease trap installation, dosing system, relocation of grease traps, gasket replacements, drain line inspection using inspection cameras, drain blockage removal, drain line jetting, and cleaning.

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Here we have mentioned below why we are best for grease trap cleaning services in Dubai.

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Benefits Of Grease Trap Cleaning

Regular cleaning of grease traps and their proper maintenance is mandatory by Municipality instructions. A clean grease trap and drainage system is an essential requirement for an odorless backyard of the food processing unit. Grease traps need routine emptying and cleaning to ensure hygiene. As we know, accumulation in grease traps causes bacteria and foul smell growth. Overflowing surprises are nasty and obnoxious to the people. Here are some benefits of Grease Trap Cleaning in Dubai:

  • Prevents clogging.
  • It costs less than repairs.
  • Better for the environment.
  • It helps kitchens smell nicer.
  • It keeps your kitchen running.

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Why Is Grease Trap Cleaning Important?

Grease trap cleaning services are very important because the most challenging problem in the commercial kitchen is maintaining the FOG in the kitchen. Many restaurant owners worldwide have grease trap/grease interceptors installed for their kitchen to fix this. Thanks to the technology used in these grease removal units. It traps the FOG from the wastewater from kitchen drains, dishwashers, and sinks, allowing it to join the sewer waters without any hindrance. But like many other appliances used in a kitchen, a grease trap also requires regular maintenance to keep doing its job constantly and efficiently.

At Spinco Cleaning, we clean your drainage system so that wastewater can flow freely, ensuring grease traps are clear and reducing terrible smells and the chance of blockages. The municipality officer or Environment agency reviews that regular cleaning of the grease trap has been performed and the waste removed is disposed of by a registered waste carrier.

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